Owner and Designer of Prezzy Pets

Designer Helen Hunt lives on the East Coast of New Zealand's North Island, which is the "First city in the world to see the sun of each new day."  There, she has become known as "The Teddy Bear Lady."

For several years, she made collectible mohair Teddy Bears, an occupation which she loved. Of course, the Millennium was a huge event in Gisborne so she was able to make the first Bear to see the sun set on the 20th Century, and the first Bear to see the sunrise on the 21st Century.

All of those momentous moments were soon followed by another one, and this time it was all down to her husband, who gave her a gift voucher for her birthday. As usual, the voucher was in a plain white envelope, and as she opened it, a lightbulb suddenly went on in her head. Instead of a plain, boring envelope, you could put the voucher in the pocket on the tummy of a Bear!  Prezzy Pets were born!


Freddy Kuo

Head of Sales

Freddy Kuo comes to Prezzy Pets with 7 years of experience in Sales and Merchandising from Hong Kong China. His experience ranges from customer service to prototyping, to Quality control. He's managed the complete process from concept to delivery delivered.

Moving to New Zealand to work with John Deere Tractors, Freddy had first point of contact with customers and farmers thus enhancing his customer relations skills and helping him achieve his goals.


When Freddy heard about Prezzy Pets he was captivated from the get-go and now looks forward to bringing smiles for miles.

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Safety First

Prezzy Pets are safe for kids and adults of all ages. They are manufactured from 100% new materials and include Safety Eyes.  CE safety standards applied.  Your customers can feel confident that they are buying a quality product that is safe and fun.

Sustainably Minded

We value sustainable giving, and we know you do, too. Prezzy Pets are a gift that can last a life-time. No gift wrap to throw away, just a lifetime of memories to enjoy. 

Ethically Produced

Where and Prezzy Pets are made, and by who is important! We have gone to great lengths to ensure the conditions in our factory in the Zhucheng region of China, where Prezzy Pets are "born" meets or exceeds ethical practices. The region is primarily agricultural, and the factory provides much-needed work for people, particularly women, who are not able to work in the fields. The factory itself is very clean, tidy, and safe, with good facilities for the workers who are thrilled to be part of the Prezzy Pets story. The factory has all the facilities to produce high-quality, safe products, in an atmosphere conducive to quality of life. 

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